Bullet Athletes Benjamin and Oliver Goethe kick off the 2022 race season in the Hankook 24H of Dubai.

Benjamin returns to the Dubai Autodrome following last year’s successful second-place finish with Team WRT. This year he rejoins the Belgian squad, sharing the #31 Audi R8 LMS GT3 with Arnold Robin (FRA), Maxime Robin (FRA), Jean-Baptiste Simmenauer (FRA), and Frederic Vervisch (BEL). 

However, it’s only the first half of his race weekend. The 18-year-old will also get behind the wheel of Dragon Racing’s Mercedes AMG GT4 car alongside his father Roald Goethe, his brother Oliver, long-time coach Stuart Hall and Jordan Grogor.

A challenge like this would put even the most seasoned drivers to the test, having to adapt to two completely different cars, and constantly switching between two teams, giving 100% to both over the course of 24 hours, but that doesn’t scare the eldest ROFGO Junior. On the contrary. He enters the race with the aim to collect twice as much silverware as anyone else on the grid.

ROFGO Junior driver Benjamin Goethe:

“This is such a cool opportunity, being able to race here with two cars. I know the WRT Audi well since I’ve been racing with an R8 LMS GT3 in the past two seasons and we even finished on the podium here last year. However, the Dragon Mercedes will be an all-new experience. Starting 2021 with a podium finish gave me an extra boost for the rest of the season, and this year I can take it to the next level since I compete in two different classes at the same time, so the goal is quite clear: kicking off 2022 with a double podium.”

Oliver, who competed in the Formula Regional European Championship in 2021 and has signed with 3Y by R-ace GP for the upcoming Formula Regional Asian championship is about to get his first taste of GT racing.

The 17-year-old will share the Dragon Racing Mercedes AMG GT4 with his father Roald Goethe, brother Benjamin, coach Stuart Hall and Jordan Grogor.

With only two years of experience in single-seaters and one endurance outing at the 5-hour VW Fun Cup race in Le Mans last year, Oliver is facing a whole range of new challenges, from driver changes to staying alert throughout 24 hours.

ROFGO Junior driver Oliver Goethe:

‘’ I am very excited to start my first 24-hour race in Dubai. I watched Benji at the 24H of Spa in the past two years and it was such a cool experience, I can’t wait to try it myself. Racing alongside him, my dad, Stu, and Jordan makes it even more special. My other big challenge is keeping up with my studies while racing in the UAE in the upcoming six weeks. I would like to thank Millfield School for their extraordinary support.”

ROFGO Racing CEO, Roald Goethe:

‘’ It fills me with immense pride to be able to race alongside my two boys. Ever since they started racing, it’s been a dream of mine to be able to share a car with them, and it will finally come true in the 24H of Dubai. I have entered almost a hundred races so far in my career but this will be the most special of all.”

The 2022 Hankook 24H of Dubai commences on January 9 with the first test sessions. The race starts on Friday, January 14th at 15:00 GST (12:00 CET). For a detailed schedule and live stream, visit 24hseries.com.


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